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Townmap Neu-Oneschti 1940

Courtesy of Horst Lückert

Peter Adam
Adolf Benjatschek
Andreas Benjatschek
Johann Benjatschek
Dorothea Böppele
Johann Böppele
Theodor Böppele
Christian Brose
Johann Brose
Michael Brose
Daniel Buchfink
Anton Buzug
Josef Buzug

Valentin Drummer
Andreas Gast
Samuel Goll
Philipp Groß
Rudolf Groß
Valentin Gubenko
Jakob Heicherl
Rudolf Heicherl
Friedrich Höschele
Jakob Knippelberg
Heinrich Koch
David Kronschnabel
Heinrich Kullmann
Johann Kullmann
Josef Kurz
Jakob Lang
Dorothea Mann
Heinrich Mann
Jakob Mann
Philipp Müller
Philipp Niebergall
Adolf Prummer
Peter Prummer
Jakob Quast
Johannes Rotenberger
Wilhelm Rotenberger
Georg Sander
Heinrich Sander
Johann Sander
Johann Schaardt
Valentin Schaardt
Christian Seir
Johann Speidel
Karl Speidel
Karoline Speidel
Valentin Speidel
Friedrich Steetz
Adolf Stegmann
Karl Stegmann
Johann Steininger
Adam Tritthardt
August Tritthardt
Georg Tritthardt
Jakob Tritthardt
Ludwig Tritthardt
Georg Willmeier
Jakob Willmeier
Johann Witte
Adam Zorn
Wilhelm Zorn


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Townmap Neu-Oneschti
  pictures from Neu-Oneschti
 Here we show some maps indicating those places which are or have been important for the Tritthart family. Which places are missing? Write to Peter.