"Sometimes you have hobbies you don't know of. Some years ago I started to
make some little Lego animation films with the kids / for the kids. Many years later I found out
that animations like these are well-known as brickfilms or brickmovies in the
internet and that there are a lot more fans."

So here you will find our contributions from the HARPO Film Productions.




Harpo Studios


to the

HARPO Studios

The HARPO Studio Area    

HARPO Studios were founded in 1989 as a follow-up of Octavia & Peter Film Production, after the family was completed with Robin, Helen, and Alex. In 1990 we made our first genuine Lego movie ('Krieg der Steine' (Brick Wars), see below). By the way, some years earlier we made another animation film on our own ('So ein Zirkus' (What a Circus), 1985), which mainly was realized with Playmobil, but contains also some sequences with DUPLO bricks and figures. Therefore, this one, too, can be considered as a Brick Film, as to this part.

After our brickfilm 'Ein Koenig reich' (The King's Kingdom, 1998) was published in the internet the HARPO Studios got it's international reputation and the film was downloaded many times. So we were in charge to produce more brickfilms. This is why we made the movie 'Nicht mein Tag' (Not My Day) in early 2005 and by the end of the same year 'Von der Rolle' (By The Role).

All these brick films are generally not produced for the internet, but filmed with a video camcorder and saved on VHS. Afterwards we digitalized and compressed them and prepared the films for download. Have fun!

.                                                                                                  HARPO Studio boss                  Director and cameraman (hidden)

The Stars

Mary und Manuela.

In 'Nicht mein Tag' (Not My Day) both could be seen as statists.
Now, since their debut in the brickfilm 'Von der Rolle' (By The Role)
they are the absolute stars at HARPO's.

Jimmy und Johnny

They, too, went famous by
  'Von der Rolle', they worked hard at the
HARPO Studios.

Manni, seller of motorcycles,
and his boss  in 'Nicht mein Tag' (Not My Day)

Princess Neleh
("You are not to instruct me!"),
but after all quite acceptable
('Krieg der Steine' (Brick Wars))


here to be seen in 'Von der Rolle' (By The Role),
nominated for "best supporting role 2005"

The King himself

A star, although the crown is wobbly




The Films  

"Krieg der Steine" (Brick Wars, 1990)

Looks like all brickfilmers can't miss this subject.

Actually we didn't want to show this film in this place, because it's a rather old film. We didn't have a camcorder with single frame option by that time. Therefore we filmed this Lego movie in realtime with non-visible strings etc. But our Sony Handycam was able to insert some graphic elements, which we made use of. The quality, especially in the compressed version, is rather poor. Sorry.

19,5 MB    17 minutes   German
(Download at www.archive.org)




"Ein Koenig reich"  
(The King's Kingdom, 1998)

This is the most famous HARPO movie.
The story of a man on his way to become a king. For a while it looks like his dreams will come true...

This film was - same as 'Nicht mein Tag' - recorded with a digital camcorder (JVC). This camera can make 3 pictures (1/8 second) in one step in the so-called animation mode. Later on the sound was added and the brickfilm was compressed and made public.

The King's Kingdom
320x240 (DiVX)
38 MB   
12 Minutes  
Sound: German
with English subtitles
(Download at archive.org, )

The King's Kingdom
The King's Kingdom
The King's Kingdom


"Nicht mein Tag" (Not My Day, 2005)

A little business life movie.
Manni, seller of motorcycles, and his boss try to improve their business...


Nicht mein Tag
9.6 MB   8 minutes   German
(Download at www.archive.org)

Nicht mein Tag


 "Von der Rolle" (By The Role, 2005)

Two girls are dreaming of a movie star career. It doesn't work out this way, but both will take their chance anyway -- I guess. Looks like great Legowood cinema.

This film leads you to the HARPO studios and contains some relations to the earlier films. Therefore you may have more fun when seeing "Ein Koenig reich" (The King's Kingsdom) and "Nicht mein Tag" (Not My Day) first.

Von der Rolle
VonDerRolle.avi (DivX)
83 MB   26 minutes   German
(Download at www.archive.org)

Von der Rolle



Felix and his friend stranded on a lonely island. But a man called Felix will have luck, don't he?!


6 minutes    German
(Download at www.youtube.com)






Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Where does the name of HARPO come from?
Answer: HARPO in connection with Helen, Alex, Robin, Peter, and Octavia was first used by Tuko from Hamburg. Now please don't ask where the name of Tuko comes from.

Question: Where are the HARPO Studios?
Answer: In Legowood.

Question: In 'Von der Rolle' some scenes are strongly suggestive of the movie Casablanca. How old do we have to be to recognize this?
Answer: Depends on how long it takes you to watch the original five times.

Question: In 'Krieg der Steine' many names sound funny: Princess Neleh, Retep, Nibor, Xela, and Eito.
Answer: Not funny but tricky. Eito is difficult, because it's a short form and should be Aivatco to be correct.

Question: May I visit the HARPO Studios?
Answer: Watch the movie 'Von der Rolle' and then decide whether you want it or not.

Question: What about the Brick Film 'Auch nicht mein Tag' (Also Not My Day)?
Answer: In our last movie we are talking about this new brick film, but in reality there are no plans yet.

Question: Where else may I watch brickfilms?
Answer: www.brickboard.de (biggest German brickfilm community)
(biggest international brickfilm site)
(many movies and more)

Any more Questions? <Mail>

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