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Family tree of

Baum Baum

- Tritthardt - Tritthard - Trithart - Trithardt -
Treuthardt - Treuthart

Baum Our family tree dates back to the mid of 16th century. Up to 14 generations can be traced in some cases without any gap. Although the spelling of our name has been different all the time (see above), we can be sure to belong to one big family.

More about family history

(Detail from a painting
of Bob Tritthart)

The first major family tree was designed by Erwin Tritthart (1914 to 1993). Based on this data collection the informations were kept up-to-date and highly increased by the use of internet search engines and some old registration books as well as many indications by family members..
You can use these informations right here. In the online family tree one can look for families or single persons and get their ancestors and descendants listed.

Online family tree

There is a nice oversize drawing limited to Tritthart, Tritthardt, Trithart (about 2000 persons). The drwing was done with CorelDraw and, once printed, is about 3 metres in width.

Current version is 3.9 (2018).

Due to the size of the drawing I'm not able to create a copy in .jpg or .pdf format. So, at most I can provide a CorelDraw-File (.cdr).


More about the development of the family tree and outstanding points