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Development of the Family Tree

Baum Baum
Our first comprehensive family tree was designed by Erwin Tritthart (1914 - 1993) and first presented in 1982. Without this honorable work there would not be any later versions as they are. Erwin collected all the data of the Tritthart families in Austria and Germany as well as the so-called "Bessarabia-Tritthardts". He followed the generations back to Johann Georg Tritthart who emigrated to Galicia in 1784. This family tree contained many gaps but showed up many detailed informations already.
Based on Erwin's family tree I designed a new drawing on a computer (CorelDraw) and, in addition, filled the data base of a specialized computer program (Family Tree Maker). We still need both, because I don't know any program so far which would be able to print the whole family tree in a compact way.
I actualized the data using the Tritthart letters I received from Liselotte (Graz) every year. And I added informations I got from several internet search engines. So we got a more complete view on our ancestors and some consumptions made by Erwin were proved and filled with more details.
Version 2.0 includes many more Trittharts who once lived in Galicia. I found them in Galician registration books of the area of about 1820 to 1860. The registration books were made available by Helmut Kurz.
Version 2.1. Besides the normal actualization I put in the Canadian part of the family. These data came from Leonard A. Trithardt (1985).
Version 2.2. By the end of the year some more facts were added.
Due to some more informations from Canada and US a new version 2.3 was created early this year. Meanwhile, more facts are known about our Galician ancestors. In October, right in time for the family reunion, version 2.5 was completed.
A new family line is documented now in our data base (not yet in the family tree drawing): in the year 1872 Johann Treuthardt from Zweisimmen emigrated to Finland. Therefore, many Scandinavian relatives can be found in the online version of our family tree.
The CorelDraw graphic of our family tree was new arranged. This had to be done to get space for many new entries. (Version 3.0)
Although there are no bigger steps the database is still growing and includes more than 4900 people now. And the CorelDraw graphic of our family tree also will be actualized from time to time. Current version is 3.9 (2018).