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Baum Baum

Open Points

Some family groups are pretty good documented until mid of 20th century. But we miss the actual supplementations of the people living today. This concernes the Tritthardt families in Germany and in the US as well as the US Trittharts and the Canadian Trithar(d)ts.
As in other parts I need your help!

Problem #1

We can follow back the "Galician Trittharts" to Johann Georg Tritthart, who as we know left Palatinate and moved to Brigidau in Galicia in 1784. We don't know his parents and don't know when he was born.
What we do have are some more informations about Tritthart families living in Palatinate by that time. There we find a Hans Georg Tritthart who probably is identical with Johann Georg mentioned before.

1. The name. Hans and Johann do have the same linguistic roots. The calling name was the second prename in most cases by that time.
2. The age. Johann Georg married Katharina Barbara Herbrand in 1772, so he was born around 1750. Hans Georg was born in 1747 or 1748 (calendar problems).
3. The origin. Hans Georg was born in Gersbach, Johann Georg married in Hemsbach some 30 miles north of Gersbach. I noticed that all the brothers and sisters of Hans Georg stayed in the area of Gersbach. It is very good documented what they did afterwards -- whom they married and on which date, their children and so on. But the only fact we know about Hans Georg is his birthday. This shows that he's the only one who moved away from Gersbach.
4. The resemblance in our family. This is no serious research, I know. But I have seen some pictures of descendants of a brother of Hans Georg. And I think they look very much like the descendants of Johann Georg (build, face, nose). Therefore, these lines must be connected somewhere.

Why not?
Well, in the area of Hemsbach there are some more Tritthar(d)ts -- Christian Treuthardt in Ostern close to Michelsstadt, Anna Margaretha Tritthardt in Nunschweiler, some more Troithard or Tritthard in Edigheim (Palatinate). This means, that probably we don't know enough about that time period and that there are some more possibilities.

This is the reason why so far I didn't dare to connect these lines in the family tree and just add a remark "not proven".
Or should I?