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Online Family Tree

The online family tree is based on the data I put into the central database. Not only Tritthar(d)ts (with different name spellings) are in there but other lines, too. Right now most of the other lines come from my own family background and the family of my wife. If you give me more data I will be pleased to include more lines into the data base. But first of all I ask you to tell me any errors or missing persons as well:


Version: 04/2021 - 4914 persons

People's list

The data from the database was made private: people's birth date less than 110 years ago as well as marriage data < 80 and death data < 30 years ago are not shown here. This may still be good enough for most family researchers.

And if anyone wants his data not to be shown at all, please give me a note:
I will look for it as soon as possible.


Text search (e.g. names, places) within the database: